Can someone explain this to me???

Accepted Solution

Answer:B. Angle 3Step-by-step explanation:In a set of parallel lines (where 2 of them are present), corresponding angles are the angles that have the same measure but are located at different intersections on different lines & is made with the intersection of the same transversal.Here, the slightly slanted yet vertical line which intersects line s & line t is the transversal. By looking at the figure, we can see that ∠ 7 is formed below ∠ 5 towards the left side. Similarly, by looking above, we can notice that ∠ 3 just like ∠ 7 is formed towards the left side of the figure below ∠ 1. So, ∠ 7 = ∠ 3 (corresponding angles) ∠ 3 corresponds with ∠ 7._____________________Hope it helps![tex]\mathfrak{Lucazz}[/tex]