Connect A, B, and C to make a closed polygon.​

Accepted Solution

Answer:c. 4 + 4√2 unitsb. four square unitsa. AB ___2√2____ BC ___2√2____ AC ___4___Step-by-step explanation:c. According to the 45°-45°-90° triangle[s] theorem, where the legs are identical [√2], the diagonals form hypotenuses, so for every diagonal unit you go up, you count √2, also since this an isosceles right triangle. With that being said, you have this:[tex]\displaystyle 2[2\sqrt{2}] + 4 = 4\sqrt{2} + 4[/tex]b. [tex]\displaystyle \frac{1}{2}hb, \frac{1}{2}bh, or\: \frac{bh}{2} = A[/tex]The height is two units, just so you know.a. BC and AB are equivalent in length, so they both receive 2√2, then AC is the simple one at four units.I am joyous to assist you anytime.