Nezzie is shopping for items for her daycare because the store is having a sale where everything in the store is 10% off. Nezzie buys a playhouse for $100.29 and a music center for $59.99. She has a coupon for an additional 15% off on the playhouse. Before tax, Nezzie estimates that her total, after discounts, will be about $122. Determine if Nezzie has estimated correctly. a. Yes. Nezzie has estimated correctly. b. No. Nezzie has taken 25% off from the music center, which is not correct. c. No. Nezzie has taken successive discounts on the total, but the coupon is just on the playhouse. d. No. Nezzie has estimated 10% off the original price of the playhouse not the discounted price.

Accepted Solution

The final price would be $130.71 Which means she was off by a lot. So C would be the answer.